What is iRewardHealth?

iRewardHealth is a mobile software application that rewards you for tracking your behaviors and building healthy habits.

What rewards are available?

We are currently working with sponsors and academic institutions to provide cash rewards and academic extra credit.

What is the significance of the points earned?

Points are redeemed for your rewards. Using a points system allows us to offer multiple types of rewards, but all points are redeemable for real rewards. We want these to be useful to you, not just a pat on the back.

How do I enroll?

Use is typically sponsored by an employer, health provider, insurance company or academic institution. If you would like to have one of these types of organizations sponsor your use, please direct them to our website or have them contact us directly.

We are a health insurance company. How does this benefit us?

Preventable diseases are the leading cause of health care costs in the United States. Engaging you subscribers in healthy behaviors will help to reduce risk factors for these diseases, saving you money. Many existing wellness programs are unsuccessful at achieving targeted behavior change. We utilize evidence based methods to avoid this pitfall.

Why would educators want to use this application?

Exercise improves focus and memory. Managing stress and eating healthy foods also contributes to the general health of students so that they can devote necessary resources to academics. We support teachers and professors rewarding their students for healthy habits.