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The World's First Fully Adaptive Employee Wellness Program


Why iRewardHealth?

iRewardHealth clears the final hurdle in employee wellness by turning healthy actions into cash. We focus on disease prevention, implementing proven methods combined with cutting edge technology to create lasting behavior change.

Mission In Prevention

The majority of chronic diseases are preventable. At iRewardHealth, we see this as an opportunity to empower people to build healthy habits. This will improve health outcomes, mood, energy levels, and productivity along the way. 

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Proprietary Algorithm

To change behaviors, the approach must be individualized and flexible. Our reward algorithm accomplishes this by being adaptive to the user's baseline, progress, and patterns in behavior, ensuring he or she receives the best support possible. 

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Evidence Based Methods

Effectively building habits is a complex process. Our methods are backed by leading research and a team of behavioral scientists, serving to provide you with the tools you need on your journey. 


Promote Health

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Why Invest in Wellness?

Healthy, fulfilled people are the foundation for robust, conviction-oriented businesses.

Money spent on wellness programs has exponential return, resulting in heightened productivity and job satisfaction while lowering health care costs and absenteeism.

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Get Started!

Click here to request a free wellness benefit consultation and audit of your current system.

Our specialists will help you craft an effective wellness strategy to keep your employees engaged and on track as they build habits to improve health and productivity. 

And we can have you up and running within the week!

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