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I got rewarded to

Do a handstand.

Employee Well-being Made Simple

Reward your employees for being healthy

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We Keep It Simple



Simply log your activities



Earn points based on what you’ve done


Cash Out

Redeem points instantly for rewards

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Our Focus

Healthy Habits

Develop healthy habits over time

Disease Prevention

Eat healthy, stay active, avoid getting sick

Positive Motivation

Stay energized, stay motivated

Smart Methods

Personalized to your habits and activities


For Members


Rewards customized to your baseline and your behavior

Easy to Use

Clear, simple and fun

Plug and Play

No involved setup or onboarding process. Just click and get going


Fun and motivating

Quick Cash Out

Money transferred directly to your bank account

For Businesses

Simple Pricing

Clear and easy to understand

Evidence Based

Rooted in decades of behavioral research

Flexible and Scalable

Designed to work for everyone, regardless of fitness or ability


Adjusts to each person based on activity history

Easy to Start

Click and go registration


Per member a Month
"Surely the most promising solution on behavioral change I have seen so far."

Dr. Hardy Kietzmann, Director of Innovation, Sanofi

Our Story


We are a team who believes in the power of the individual. Healthy, fulfilled people are the foundation of robust, conviction-oriented businesses, and those businesses make up the communities in which we live. We look to take our mission worldwide, one small positive step at a time.


iRewardHealth was founded in 2014 by behavioral scientists who were inspired by the difference they were able to make in a clinical setting. We have now grown to be an international company making a difference one person at a time.


313 Washington St, Newton, MA 02458


Potsdamer Straße 182 10783 Berlin



Who can use this product?


The iRewardHealth app is designed to be used as an employee wellness program. Any individual working at a company that is using iRewardHealth as a wellness program can use the app. This is not a direct-to-consumer app.

What are some examples of customizable rewards that can be offered?


Our most popular customizable rewards are additional hours of earned time off, wellness baskets, and cash... but the options are endless! The reward feature is 100% customizable with the simple click of a button.

Can’t you just cheat if logging is self-reported?


While there is no foolproof way to prevent people from artificially earning points, one of our primary goals is to get people to think about their health-related habits at least once a day. This attention to behavior is a crucial step toward healthy living, so even if someone is attempting to cheat the system, they’re still becoming aware of their habits. With that said, we’ve put some barriers in place to help minimize members earning points artificially.
• There is a daily maximum of 1,000 points that can be earned, and a monthly maximum of 31,000.
• Members are rewarded with a larger number of points for logging diet and activity everyday rather than playing “catch up.” If a member logs diet or activity in the past, the points earned are decreased based on how far in the past the event occurred.
• Some Program Administrators will only accept or validate steps or activity earned through wearable device synchronization.

Does my employer know about my private health habits and logging activity?


We only share high-level data with employers related to aggregated engagement rates, points earned, and rewards earned. We absolutely do not share any individual level health data or specifics related to logging activity.