Meet Benjy: Co-Founder & Senior Medical Consultant of iRewardHealth

Every revolutionary product needs a realist to make sure it has the desired effect on the world. At iRewardHealth, Co-Founder and Senior Medical Consultant, Benjy Silverman, MD is that person.

Benjy Silverman is a behavioral science expert who has committed himself to ensuring the iRewardHealth employee benefits program is rooted in scientific evidence. Thanks to Benjy, iRewardHealth has been able to help users build healthier, happier lifestyles through the process of positive reinforcement and healthy habits.

Benjy Silverman, Co-Founder & Senior Medical Consultant of iRewardHealth

While other companies have come before iRewardHealth with good intentions of helping people live healthier, non-evidenced based behavior change tactics don't work. Thanks to expert consulting from Benjy Silverman, iRewardHealth has made scientific evidence the backbone of our app.

Learn more about Benjy's unique contribution and how he's helped make iRewardHealth so effective for users.

A Boots-on-the-Ground Consultant

Unlike many consultants who base their recommendations on a previous career's worth of information and experience, Benjy remains actively involved in oversight of research.

After graduating from Johns Hopkins University as a physician, Benjy found his niche in addiction psychiatry. Today, he's involved in research oversight, scientific regulation, and ethical review of research projects to ensure studies are conducted as safely as possible.

In addition to his contributions to the research community, Benjy has conducted his own clinical work in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry working directly with patients.

As an ethics and research ethics instructor at Harvard Medical School, Benjy now teaches the next generation of clinicians how to make an impact.

As if all that weren't enough, Benjy also has a passion for technology and computer science – an interest he shares with his co-founders Rick McCartney and Carmine DiChiara. Now, Benjy has married his passions for helping individuals with his powerful belief in using technology to maximize iRewardHealth's impact on the world.

The Mechanics Behind the iRewardHealth Dream

The team at iRewardHealth is obsessed with health and wellness – down to the most minute neuroscience that paves the way toward success. Each individual on the team is fiercely committed to helping individuals kick unhealthy habits and develop healthier lifestyles using evidence-based techniques.

In fact, CEO Rick McCartney's dream is to have a positive impact on more than one billion people! While the company's CEO is empowering the iRewardHealth team to transform the landscape of health and self-care around the world, Benjy's dream is to create an effective mechanism that makes that massive contribution possible.

"We believe in positive reinforcement as the way in which people can continue doing healthy behaviors," says Benjy. "Positive reinforcement works when the rewards are immediate and directly connected to an activity. As soon as we perform an activity, we need those rewards to be immediate in order for positive reinforcement to have an effect. Also, the reward has to be something we actually want."

That's why iRewardHealth has been designed to do just that: provide immediate rewards that can be redeemed for custom prizes, like paid time off from work, concert tickets, a gift basket, a spa day – whatever you want!

"The iRewardHealth program leans into the way our brains are naturally wired, which helps people choose healthy behaviors we usually find difficult."

Benjy Silverman, Co-Founder & Senior Medical Consultant of iRewardHealth

"Technology allows us to help more," Benjy says. "Doing clinical work reminds me of the potential we have at iRewardHealth to impact so many others we could never reach before technology entered the health and wellness space."

At iRewardHealth, Benjy is a valuable consultant who helps the development team streamline the health benefit program to become as effective for and applicable to our diverse population as possible.

"There are numerous employee health benefit programs available, but most of them don't work," says Benjy. "We've created something that filled the gaps in the marketplace using science-backed techniques and we made it available to people through the technology they use every day."

It Begins With You

Another factor most health programs get wrong is that they assume everyone needs to hit the same milestones. Instead of forcing everyone into the same box, iRewardHealth meets people where they are today.

We reward you for every single step along the way – not just when you hit the 10,000 step per day mark," says Benjy. "The goal is to be incrementally healthier today than you were yesterday. If that means parking a little farther away when you go to the grocery store or it means lengthening your distance run by 5 miles, whatever 'better' means to you is the right choice."

"Behavior change is difficult. We help you start the process by providing a tool that makes getting started easier and helps you choose healthier options."

The obesity epidemic is catastrophic in the United States. Employees are experiencing burnout at some of the highest rates recorded in the last 75 years. And employers are struggling to keep their businesses productive and efficient due to record-high rates of employee turnover.

"While many tools exist, the best tool for creating a healthy company culture is one based in scientific evidence," says Benjy.

To learn more about the passion project that has transformed into a real-life, tangible, change-making tool for employers and employees to equally benefit, sign up for a free trial.

The possibilities are endless. The power is yours.

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