Do I Need A Wellness Program?


It seems a simple answer, but it is a simple question. The range of programs available in the marketplace ensure that there is one out there that fits your company and budget and the benefits are clear and documented:

  • Reduced health care cost (to both the employer and the employee)
  • Reduced absenteeism and presentism
  • Recruitment and retention of employees
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee moral

The list goes on, but these are the main benefits that have been proven in countless studies. Rather than regurgitating everything you can find online about the benefits of a wellness program, I’m going to focus on one area where wellness has large benefit. That area is employee morale.

I suspect it is fair to say that we have all had jobs in companies that had great cultures and ones that weren’t so great. Employee morale is a direct reflection of the culture that lives within a company. A good or great company culture, without a doubt, leads to more efficient and hardworking employees. On the flip side, a bad culture leads to reduced productivity and increases absenteeism.

So how do you create good or great company culture?

There isn’t one thing that defines a company’s culture as it’s made up of many aspects of the environment. Without a doubt, a critical aspect to forming culture is letting employees know that the company cares about them and is not in it purely for the bottom line. A company wellness program can do just that. A wellness program can improve company culture in the following ways:

  • Shows employees that the company cares by offering a benefit the goes beyond standard benefit packages
  • Creates an atmosphere of health and wellness
  • Creates a comeradery among employees as they participate in the program (being healthy is not always easy and having colleagues along with you can help)
  • Adds an element of fun to the company. Good wellness programs are fun and exciting which are not always characteristics attributed to company benefits

Offering a wellness program can seem overwhelming because there are a variety of programs available to choose from. As you think about and do your research, know that there is no one-size-fit-all solution- all companies have their own needs, and you should think carefully about what works within your company walls. Enlist your team to help you think your options through.

So, the question isn’t ‘should you offer a wellness program?’ but ‘what do you need in a wellness program?’.

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