The 5 Ice Skaters You’ll See at the Boston Common

With a fresh batch of snow outside, it feels a little like winter will never end.

But, ready as we are for spring, there are several winter activities in Boston that you must take advantage of before it’s too warm. Boston is sugar-coated and with fresh snow, the city looks like a winter wonderland, and our favorite outing is ice skating at Frog Pond. It’s a great way to get out and do something active, while also enjoying the last of what winter has to offer.

The pond is open until March and is an activity that is fun for everyone- regardless of age. Located in the middle of the Boston Common, it’s the perfect place to take visiting friends or family. Step on to the ice, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the energy of joggers, walkers, pets, and hot chocolate drinkers. With all the commotion in this area you’re sure to see all sorts of different people while spending your day skating. Enter, the five types of people that you will find gliding past you at Frog Pond.

1. The Novices

While the average skater on the rink knows how to ice skate, you may walk by Frog Pond and observe people of all ages teetering over plastic crates for support. Never fear! Skating Club of Boston teaches lessons for those interested. Lessons cost only $40, and residents of the Greater Boston Area will travel to the city to learn a lesson under the beautiful city lights.

2. The Couples

Everyone remembers his or her first date at an ice skating rink. You’ll find at least several couples skating side by side, holding hands and occasionally stopping to deeply stare into each other’s eyes. They’re the ones that will be asking for strangers to take a picture of them so they can immediately post on Instagram.

3. The Intense Hockey Player

The Boston Bruin fan base is incredibly large compared to several NHL cities. As a result, there are going to be some athletes gliding on that pond spraying ice all over place expecting a zamboni to clean up their mess. Half will be wearing Boston Bruin jerseys while the rest bask in the glory of their youth hockey days. While these guys generally stick to the rink, you may find one or two who accidentally knock into you on the ice.

4. College Students

The Skating Club of Boston provides College Nights where only college students will have access to the pond. The organization understands that Boston is a hub when it comes to education, and, as a result, they welcome schools like Boston University, Northeastern, Simmons, and many more to get off campus for a fun filled night of ice skating. The Skating Club offers half admission and it is a sure hit among students looking for something fun to do in the middle of the week.

5. The Elementary School Students

In addition to college nights and group lessons, the Boston Skating Club holds a “Skating in the Schools” program. The program allows elementary schools to take a one-day field trip to Frog Pond. The schedule of the day consists of a recreational skating period and a class regarding the Science and Sport of Ice Skating. The goal is to allow the students to have fun and teach them a thing about nutrition, physics, and chemistry in connection with ice skating.

The Boston Commons and Frog Pond are a diverse and entertaining location for people of all ages. Families, students, and young adults will all cherish a trip into Boston. Skate rentals cost $12 for adults and $6 for kids. Make sure to plan a trip into the city as soon as possible!

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Larry Weaver
Larry Weaver

Thanks for the info on ice skating. My daughter would like to learn how to ice skate. I’ll look into signing her up for a class she can take to learn how to skate.