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Carlos Cubillos UI/UX Designer

I believe becoming a better version of ourselves each day is the answer to whatever the world brings us today on any scale.

Whatever we focus our mind into, will grow. So directing ourselves to gain new beneficial habits, it’s the only means of changing ourselves, and in pursuance of this, first we require attention to what we do, think and say. And second, we need some effort to achieve it. We constantly need to remind ourselves of our goals, and in a way, our work at iRewardHealth points to develop the awareness needed, and to keep the motivation going each day. Which I think is an amazing purpose.

iRewardHealth helps you take conscious decisions about your health and general wellbeing, which is one of the best things one can do for oneself and one’s surroundings. Helps you turn this into a lifestyle.

As a designer, my role at iRewardHealth is to make everything about it engaging, beautiful and always interesting.