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Rick McCartney, NP Co-Founder and CEO

Why am I here?

I like people. I want to see them grow and develop in character, health, and the pursuit of meaningful values. Unfortunately, many people get stuck. They get stuck in their health, in relationships, and their own personal growth. Whether this is due to rigid thinking, social determinants, or long established habits, there is a way out.

Behavioral activation is a powerful tool in getting people unstuck. Motivating people who are not interested in changing is a difficult task. Difficult tasks are what get me excited!

I’m a psychiatric nurse practitioner by training, and have worked in clinical and academic settings researching and implementing the best ways to engage people living through some of the most disengaging and difficult situations someone could live through.

This experience has inspired me and my cofounders to pursue building the most scalable and accessible solutions for improving the lives of the masses. I’m daily confronted with the realities of poor health from obesity and other chronic diseases. I’ll spend the rest of my life working on programs and solutions that empower people to be the best human they can be, in all areas.